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“A film has the potential to kindle such a spark of inspiration in an individual that it can alter the course of human progress.” I study those words over and over, as they reverberated in my mind, each time as I went through them, they made an impact and then the realization sunk in, 
-Films and dramas are no longer a form of entertain, they are a means of impact and change, of entertainment, happiness and pure bliss. 
I myself being a Pakistani, have grown up watching Pakistani serials. Now as I think back on it, just like everything else that has with time and development, changed, so has Pakistani dramas. I remember the good ol’ PTV days. When me and my siblings would have to wake up early to watch the cartoons and then dramas like “ainak wala Jin”. And in our youngsters, we got here throughout “alpha bravo Charlie”, the sort of serial that stays with you, long after you’ve finished the last episode, the screen black, staring back at you, forcing you to contemplate the privileged life that we’ve had. 
There is not a single doubt in my heart that the Dramas back then were wonderful but there was a reason why the film industry wasn’t well known enough back then, they lacked a spark. Not only that, what people didn’t realize back then was that dramas were a platform where what they portrayed would have an impact on the lives and minds of their viewers. As people realized this, the Pakistani dramas became more intense. Soon, the era of PTV dramas ended and came forth “humTV”, “MasalaTV”, and ‘GeoEntertainment’.
Along with these updated channels came exceptional dramas such as Humsafar, Zindagi gulzar hai, Shehr-E-dil ke derwaze, meri zaat zaraye be-nishaan, AbdulQadir, Pyaray Afzal, Udaari, dastaan, Meri Ladli, Shehr-E-Zaat and so many more. These dramas were some of the best ones our industry has seen, the ones which show that indeed, our country has progressed. Amazing cast with an exceptional script. The best thing about our current dramas is that they aren’t afraid to focus on taboo topics such as Female rights, equality, honor killing and child trafficking. Through these bold dramas, we are able to educate people about these issues and cause awareness. Pakistani dramas have become an outlet, a platform to bring change along with entertainment and considering these dramas, it has certainly been done right. Not only in Pakistan but these recent dramas have been broadcasted abroad in India and SaudiArabia too, the response has been massive and positive. 
Our dramas have been described by critics as “short, crisp and impactful.” 
Hence, I believe that when given the opportunity,  deliver excellence and never quit. And that is something that HASN’T changed in Pakistani dramas. They were exceptional then, they are exceptional now. The themes and approaches have changed certainly, for there is always room for improvement no doubt. In the end I guess all that matters is that we give the viewers something to think about; and I believe Pakistani dramas have certainly made us stop, even if just once, and think. 
To contemplate 
To change 
To want something better 
To BE better. 
Dramas have that potential and if used right, the outcome could be spectacular. And I believe that is exactly what our current Pakistani dramas focus on. 
To subtly be the catalyst for change and impact. Truly the cinema is much more than heroes and villains. And as our industry realizes that day after day, the improvement is evident and I hope to see more and more of it in the future. 

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