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Nanotechnology- the game changer in technology


“Nano-technology is something most people do not believe in”

Nanotechnology is one of those technologies that is being encompassed continuously with a new field to provide with the smallest items one ever even did not think about. In simple, Nanotechnology is an amalgam of two words i.e. ‘Nano’ and ‘technology’. Nano means ‘very small’ whereas the word ‘technology’ means the knowledge of science that is utilized for practical reasons. With this smallest technology in mind, one can implement its features in almost every field i.e. medicine, engineering, chemistry, physics and etcetera.
For its brief knowledge of understanding, it is better to first look at the basic terms that this technology requires. Nano science and nanometer scale are the most common terms to consider while understanding the concept of nanotechnology. Nano science can be simply defined as utilization of materials at a smaller scale and Nano meter scale is a scale which offers to measure between 1 and 100 nanometer. Nanometer in simple is actually one billionth area of one meter.

So nanotechnology in simple words can be defined as:
‘The manipulation of matter on a small scale’.
Nanotechnology is being used in various fields of technology that are worth considering to include in our discussion. Some of these are listed below:

⦁ The automotive industry: Nano technology is being used by this industry for many years in order to lower the fuel consumption, enhance the safety and comfort.
⦁ The textile industry: With the help of this game changing technology, textile industry has brought the concept of Nano finishing which allow clothes to have properties like water and oil repellent, self-cleaning properties and much more.
⦁ The cosmetics: Although you might get surprised but this game changing technology is also being used in cosmetics for better and finer personal care products.
⦁ The electronics industry: This industry is using this technology more than expected. According to nanotechnology has allowed the electronic material to have exemplary properties because of the Nano-dimensions that this technology offers. Cellphones, laptops, LCDs, LEDs are the basic examples.
⦁ Medical Applications: Nanotechnology has also equipped the medical technology. It has done so by increasing the efficiency to vanish the cancer cells in a human body, merging itself with medicine and result in Nano medicine. There are so many benefits this game changing technology offers but only two are considered in discussion.
Therefore, it can clearly be concluded that nanotechnology has enhanced its spectrum to almost every field. And, it is only because of this technology that certain big world problems, like severe diseases, scarcity of water, low productivity of livestock and crops, and etcetera, will probably be solved soon. The future is going to be an unexpected and unimagined if we continue to take the responsibility for making our world a better and reliable place.

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