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Father’s Day| Blog Post by anonymous DADDY| Infohub| Maham Zafar

I woke up early in the morning as I always do. Though it was a bright Sunday morning and I was not supposed to go at work but I had to stay home as it’s the only day I can give to look after and take care of my family.
I love gardening and spent the morning in watering and arranging the plants.

I then helped out my wife in household chores. My children were asleep till afternoon and I always let them enjoy their beauty sleep rather than asking them to clean the house forcefully.

I barely remember dates and days because the dates don’t affect my life much. The only dates I remember are my wife’s and kids birthdates. All other days are just the normal days for me.

After working for some hours and doing the necessary tasks I sat on the sofa and turned the TV on! The news channels were discussing nothing other than the Father’s Day Celebrations. I was surprised a bit that today is the Father’s Day. My wife served me a cup of tea and sat by my side with a plate of snacks.

While I was confused on which channel to stop, my wife showed me her phone with her social media profile opened on it.
A picture my daughter had posted in the morning, which was clicked a month ago,

I just smiled and didn’t comment anything. My wife, on the other side was telling how beautiful the picture is.

The day passed and I didn’t meet any of my kids because they were busy with their cellphones in their room.

My teenaged son was passing by the living room when I asked him for his phone to make a call. After making a call, I pretended doing something really important but I had to do something else. What I was going to do was to check his social media profile thinking of—What He Has Posted Regarding Father’s Day?

Upon navigating, he left me with wonders because he had his social media account with a name-BABA KI RANI

Well, he took me to another level of amazement and I returned his phone as if nothing has happened.

To all the kids out there, I would like to convey on behalf of all the fathers who have struggled their whole life to guarantee you a secure future that they don’t require social media greetings from you.

The Father’s Day is of no excitement for them. The likes and comments on their picture with you can make you happy temporarily but for them, these posts are useless until you don’t give your time to them.

It’s not about just one Sunday per year! You are supposed to sit with them and show how much you love them, instead everyday should be Father’s Day.

You should take out some time for him too. He isn’t an earning machine providing you with money and spending endlessly on you, and on your necessities & desires.

He is your father!
You better need to understand what a father means!
You are not supposed to take him for granted.

If he has some responsibilities towards you, then he also has some rights over you which are your responsibilities towards him!

Don’t let the traffic flow one way!

Don’t let your Fathers sit alone and tuning !

The TV channel will let him pass his time but you ; his children, are his real tension relievers.

An advice to all the girls

Lastly, to all the girls out there, DON’T add anyone named BABA KI RANI or DADDY’s PRINCESS or PAPA ki PARI without knowing them in person. You may end up chatting with BABA KA RAJA or AMMA ka LAAL if you add people with such names.

Anonymous Daddy

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