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Life to everyone is a way of living, some live it luxuriously, some waste it around with crimes and prisons, others go for drugs and rehabs, a few fall in love and get married and live happily ever after but among these people are dwellers to whom every day is a living nightmare.
Depression is the living manifest of torture and misery, as it takes control over the most powerful organ of the body that is the brain. The mind is filled with so much negativity and hatred for oneself that the person starts to resent himself and this greatly impacts the person’s everyday life. Depression causes one to loose interest in his/her existence and literally squeeze out all the happiness till there is nothing but an empty shell left (metaphorically speaking), and this leads to several health and problems both internally and physically. Depression is often confused with only sadness but it’s not the sadness that bothers the person it is the numbness and loneliness that drives them insane because they are ashamed or afraid to ask someone for help due to the fear of rejection or burdening others with their problems.
According to research depression is the leading disability in the world and is found more commonly among women than men and the disease may be genetic. The common symptoms found are
• Appetite changes – may be weight gain or loss
• Too much or no sleep
• Hyper or laziness
• Feeling worthless
• Concentration Problems
• Suicidal thoughts
And they must last for at least 15 days for confirmation. Depression has several roots that include loss of someone very close (parents, loved ones, pets, etc.), it could be generic, can arise due to societal ignorance that causes low self-esteem and guilt or constant exposure to violence and or dramas.
People suffering from depression adapt silence and naturally it becomes one of their best friend even though silence brings them pain at first but it doesn’t hurt them more than outside world, they build a small world inside their heads and very much like to stay there all the time, and distance them from others. The other friend they get from depression is sleep because they find it the best way to escape their problems, that if they do not see the world then they would not have to live by it.

Written by:
Osama Rais

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