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Cryptocurrency The Future

If I were to describe the technology in one sentence, I would say that is nothing short of magic. The only difference is that it is logically created, its results, however, are nothing short of magic. A hundred years ago, one could not even dream of traveling to the other side of the world lest they were willing to spend months and months on a grueling journey. Today, we can traverse around the entire globe in less than twenty-four hours.
Among the numerous technological advancements, the one that is taking the world by storm these days is “Cryptocurrency.” In lay man’s terms, cryptocurrency is simply just digital money. Unlike the paperback bills and copper coins, we are used to of, this type of currency takes on a more futuristic approach. It exists only digitally, and yet you can use it for all sorts of transactions, provided it is online.
The most popular type of cryptocurrency today is called the ‘Bitcoin.’ One Bitcoin is worth nearly $ 2400. That is more than what most of us make in a month! Developed in 2009 by an anonymous man most commonly referred to as Satoshi Nakamoto, the Bitcoin is gaining popularity among people who frequently make online transactions. At the rate its popularity is growing, for all we know, in a few decades, it might even become the chief currency for trading and transactions!

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