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The orange train is under construction project and is one of the several projects of China-Pakistan Economic corridor (CPEC).

Length of the track

The total length of the track is 27.1 km, of which 1.7 km is underground and 25.4 km is elevated at the height of 12 meter. The total distance of 27.1 km will be covered in 45 minutes with stops on 25 stations.

In the beginning, there would be 27 trains with five bogies which will carry 250,000 passengers a day. Although, later it will be enhanced to accommodate 500,000 passengers.
Estimated cost for the project is RS.165 Billion and China has given $1.62 Billion on nominal rate interest. Expected completion date of the project is October 2017.
It will use electric power. Two grid stations would also be made to provide electricity for the train. For the first years it would be operated by China, then it would be handed over to Pakistan.

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Tabina Khurram

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