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Basically, lifestyle is a process in which you choose that how you want to design your life. It’s your life, your plans, and how you make major decisions. Because your folks lived in a small village, got married to each other at 17, and worked at 9–5 for 30 years of time, that doesn’t mean you need to do like that. You should have your own thoughts and your own preferences. You control your life and what occurs in it, once you understand that completely, you give yourself space to grow, examine, and start planning the life you had always wanted. My lifestyle should be like how I wanted it to be. George Eliot says “It’s never too late to be what you might have been.”
Remember to make the major decisions:
First of all, understand that you have options. You settle on the choices, you make decisions. Make a decision that you want to live a good and happy life and acknowledge the way that it may look different from the typical lifestyle.
• Your life is your own. You are 100 percent special and skilled in your own exceptional way. You have every right to spend your life doing the things you want to do, and experiencing things that brings you satisfaction.
• You are skilled in a way nobody else is—and all things considered, no one can’t do what you have the ability to do. You are the only person who knows that he/she is capable of more than anyone.
Try to be a little selfish:
When you understand you have options, the following step is to give some time to yourself and find out what kind of decisions you need to make. Make a plan that nails down exactly what you need your life to look alike.
• Perhaps you have a passion of music and love to travel, and you need to plan a way of life that fulfills these things.
• Maybe you love deep ocean creatures, and you need to plan a way of life around that. Take a seat, do some good, hard soul seeking, and figure out what you truly need and how you want to spend your time on this earth.
• You will think to make such a lifestyle that people will praise you when you are gone from this world.
• Do you need people to welcome all of your honors and achievements, or do you desire your death to be memorialized by people who discuss your every adventures and experiences, the way that you adored others, and exactly how supportive and kind you were.

Make changes with the passage of time:
• Begin with small change if you have to and simply make minor improvements to your life’s outline at first. The purpose of the matter is to get things started.
• As you gain momentum, you’ll start to experience greater and greater changes and improvement in your life and therefore there will be growth in your well-being.
Once you get started what you need your life to be, it’s an ideal opportunity to get it done. Make a move and begin making the life you had always wanted a reality. Change is terrifying and normally people hesitate to make a change at first because a change will also disturb your habits and hobbies but still you have to make a better change for your own betterment. Step out on confidence, grasp what you’re crazy about, and start your amazing journey by planning a lifestyle which will define you in a perfect manner. Only you are the captain of this specific journey.

Written by
Ahmed Ayoob

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