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Health is a blessing from God and to live a happy life you need to be in a good health. Because the thing is that if you’re not well then every work of daily life will look a hurdle for you and you will not be able to do the things properly. So it’s very important for myself to take care of me to enjoy all the fruits of life and to be successful. Like Founder of Buddhism Religion Gautama Buddha said “To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear”.

1: Eat healthy food

A healthy diet provides the body with basic nourishment. The necessities for a healthy life can be met from an assortment of plant-based and animal based nourishment. A healthy diet fulfills energy needs and accommodates human nutrition without eating harmful things or increase in weight by eating excessive food. Where absence of calories is not an issue, a properly balanced diet is additionally thought to be essential for bringing down health dangers. For example, obesity, heart attack, sort 2 diabetes, hypertension and malignancy. So healthy food is important for all of us. We can have a healthy diet by doing the following things:

  • Don’t miss your breakfast
  • Don’t eat food from a pollutant atmosphere.
  • Always wash the fruits before eating
  • Don’t over eat
  • Don’t drink water after finishing the food
  • Drink 2-3 glass water when you woke up with an empty stomach
  • Prefer drinking water in place of soft drinks

2: To take care physically

We can take care of our personal hygiene in a following ways:

  • Wash your hairs and body regularly and keep yourself clean.
  • Brush your teeth and hairs daily.
  • Go for a morning walk
  • Stay away from Pollution
  • Do yoga or any other physical exercise in the gym
  • Make time for any physical game you love to play
  • Don’t forget to relax yourself


3: To take care emotionally

Taking care of yourself implies to your inside as well. On the off chance that you generally feel negative/pessimistic, consider motivating help to change this approach, regardless of whether it will be by means of treatment, hangouts or by reading novels/books. So you need to have a good attitude. Discover approaches to continue learning through reading, examining others, doing things in a different way and staying open for an advice. Be prepared to learn new things, no matter what age you are in.

4: Make time for the things what you love to do

Always make some time to do things which will make you stress free because stress is very harmful to health. Different people have different hobbies like playing cricket, football, computer games, reading novels, playing badminton, hangouts, outside dinners. If u stay too much busy in your work and don’t manage time to relax then you will get frustrated from life and everything will look a misery to you.

5: Be Social and friendly to others

When you pass somebody, even an outsider, recognize their presence with a straightforward “hi!” or “hello there!”, or even only a wave or a gesture toward them. Telling people you see them is decent; it makes people feel more special. When you smile at people it tells them that you are lovely. When you look to a person give them a little grin or a wide smile – it doesn’t make a difference which. This sets the mood, and typically urges the other person to smile back. On the off chance that they don’t, then perhaps they are simply having a terrible day.

So by doing all these things we can take care of ourselves and will enjoy our daily life as a healthy person.


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Ahmed Ayoob

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