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It is historically known as Constantinople and Byzantium, the most famous city in Istanbul. It is country’s economic, cultural and historic center. It’s one of the most populous cities and ranks as 7th largest city proper and largest European cities.

It was founded under the name of Byzantium around 660 B.C. After it’s reestablishment as Constantinople in 330 CE it served as imperial capital for almost 16 centuries in Roman, Byzantium, Latin and Ottoman empires.

Before the Ottomans conquered the country and convert it into Islamic state it was instrumental in advancement of Christianity.

Turkey is famous for its architect. Sultan Mehmet 2 initiated the wide scale reconstruction plan, which include the construction of Eyup Sultan Mosque, Faith Mosque, Topkapi palace, The Grand Bazaar and Yedikule Castle which guarded the main entrance of the city.

Sultan Ahmet mosque, Yeni mosque and numerous others were constructed. It has three main bridges. Bosphorus bridge, Galata bridge and faith Sultan Mehmet Bridge. Famous malls of the city are Cevahir, Akmerkez, Kenyon, Metro city, Tepe Nautilus.

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