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Can flip handsets make a comeback in the market? | Infohub| Written by Ahmed Ayoob

Designing a phone is at something of a low point. In spite of the fact that many cell phones are announced in the market and several millions are sold each year, and different types of consumers purchase them. People buy different kind of Smartphones according to their requirements. Ten years prior, things were distinctive.

  • There was no shape that mobile phones were relied upon to be, some looked very weird and ordinary in their shape but millions were sold to people.
  • There was a large variety of different flip mobile phones, the flips had a specific something that raised it over the rest.
  • These were gadgets that were not that much practical, but they had a genuine cool factor and people used some flips as fashion phones back in those days.
  • They are very much fashionable as compared to the Smartphones now-a-days.


After the introduction of the flips in the market, the usage of a normal handset has changed dramatically. Dumb and poor devices were thrown away by the people and some people think that mobile phone is the only smart thing that a person owns.

  • When the flip mobile phone was first released in the market the hardware designing was quite different.
  • At that time when the person you need and care the most was messaging or calling, the only essential thing is a keypad, an antenna and a small resolution display screen for the basic information.
  • Presently, in addition to the bigger display screens, there are the different sensors that should be incorporated, high speed processors, HD cameras and a big storage capacity. In spite of the fact that scaling down has made some amazing progress since the mid-1990s, it was very hard to assemble all these things into a mobile phone.
  • In that capacity, mobile phones have expanded in size throughout the years, with the goal that purchasers can better utilize these gadgets as the PCs they’ve moved toward becoming.
  • This change doesn’t wipe out flips, because by larger surface area of display screens in the modern Smartphones makes it difficult for most of the people to carry in their pockets.
  • Merging two big screens had done in the past for flip mobile phones. For example, the Sony Tablet P and Kyocera Echo have demonstrated this to be hard to execute well.


Current equipment and battery limitation make one display sufficiently hard to run, so to run 2 displays is an impossible thing, with each of these illustrations having really unremarkable battery life, and the batteries are heavy as well.

Different ways to flip a phone:

This is altogether in view that a flip would require two screens to work, however a basic arrangement is to make a gadget that keeps the smarts, yet drops a screen for a keypad. Announced in late 2015, the LG Wine Smart is a universally accessible phone in which the manufacturers have installed Android 5.1, 1GB of RAM and a Snapdragon 210 processor, it is not really a power champion. The most important thing is the single screen is a 3.2 inch 480 x 320 which has become an issue and that is probably not going to win any honors for determination. It is sufficient to run a couple WhatsApp talks, and surf the web.


Flip mobile phones were expected to have the three things: cool, reasonable and affordable, the LG Wine Smart ticks two boxes. But a modern flip mobile phone would not be a bit for powerful to stay in the market with the heavy competitors. The flips have died as a form factor and popularity and its quite much true, the youth only wants Smartphones to loo modern but Flips were the classic mobile phones and they still having a huge fan-base.

Written by:

Ahmed Ayoob


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