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5th Appearance of Hussain Nawaz before JIT| Hussain Nawaz| Joint Investigation Team

5th Appearance of Hussain Nawaz before JIT on 9th June,2017

ISLAMABAD: The eldest son of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif; Hussain Nawaz, said that suspecting me without any tangible evidences is more of a Satanic Act rather than investigation. He has no issues with the investigation but neither the government nor court can begin any case based on merely suppositions and suspicions.

While talking to Media Persons, he added more, and said:

“Only those who leaked this photograph know why they did it.”

He told the media, when he came out of the Federal Judicial Academy  where he was cross-examined by the Joint Investigation Team (JIT)  for about 5 hours, that he had appeared for the fifth time before JIT and considering the questions asked while the interrogation, he thought he won’t be called again by the JIT for further probing.

He said,

“I don’t think now they will call me again in near future but whenever they will call me, I will appear before the JIT,”

He continued,

“The JIT has not committed to me that it will not call me again so whenever it issues summons, I will appear before it because it is a matter of supremacy of law.”

In explanation of a question, he said that there is no evidence against him as he has done nothing wrong.

In answer to a question, he said that

“It should be asked from JIT if they are satisfied with the investigation or not because he can’t debate over that. As far as the questions are concerned, I have been asked the usual questions over n over again during the investigation.”

Questions asked during investigation

The issues raised while investigation included the payment mode for the Mayfair flats; London, offshore companies in British Virgin Islands, past business deals between the Qatari Royal Family and Sharif Family, Minerva Services by Arrina Company through Barclays Bank and the money laundering regarding Hudaibiya Paper Mills.

May the things get better with time. 🙂

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