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Students Social Responsibility Program (SSRP) | FAIDA Foundation | Maham Zafar

Every KIPSIAN is well aware of the famous governing trio WAZIR KHANs and especially Mr. Abid Wazir Khan. Being a KIPSIAN (an older one) I used to have a look on the activities of Kips, once in a long while. Once I came across a post by which I got to know about FAIDA which was an NGO initiated by Mr. Abid Wazir Khan. I just let it go as I was least interested in the NGO stuff but the only thing I unconsciously knew about it was that it targets (helps) the needy students and something regarding health too is done by FAIDA. Time passed and passed and I never thought of exploring it because it had nothing to do with me or with the students of my level.

A few days back I used to murmur all the day long that “Internship krni hai… Internship k liay jagah smjh nhi arahi.” Then I saw a post regarding internship in which I was tagged by very deer friend :3

I applied and got selected but was confused because “how an internship program can be of 3 days ONLY?”
I didn’t even get permission from parents to go alone at an entirely new place but somehow I succeed to convince at the last moment. When I reached the venue after the half time was passed I was asked to sit in the conference room. Well, apart from the embarrassment of being late I sat on the first chair and a quick review of previous discussion was given to me and the next new things were also discussed. There I met Sir Bilal, the initiator of this program for the first time. I have had heard about him but that was going to be the first working experience with him. We (the first batch of SSR program) were introduced with what SSR is and how to locally coordinate with the people. Now coming to SSRP (Student Social Responsibility Program) is a program which enables the students to identify the educational and social issues faced in their surroundings and let them come up with the ideas to resolve them in an effective manner. We the internees were told
** what SSR is?
**what the SSRP requires?
The 3 day program was more of a discussion and learning process in which we could share our point of views and ideas without having a second thought of being pointed out in a negative manner and every minor participation of us was also appreciated by Sir Bilal. We learnt how to work as a team which consisted of entirely different members of different institutes and fields of life. The most important thing was time management that how by wasting 20sec/min we waste more than 2months/year.

Khair, coming back to the topic, the 3-day program was not lesser than a competition with our own selves because in the race of presenting better ideas and raising questions we were making ourselves a better human being than we were a minute ago.
But the race and the efforts being put were not for ourselves, that were for YOU (students) and YOUR society. We were designing a whole new program which is unique in its own kind in the entire world probably, with the idea
“Led by Students, for Students”

Now, cutting the next long story short, SSRP utilizes the abilities of Students and make them Socially Responsible and provides the Students with DIRECTION, PLATFORM, RESOURCES and much more.
There’s nothing like you have to do everything on your own. If you want to contribute towards the society then just come up with an idea and Will Power which is in our words (Actually Sir Bilal’s words) DETERMINATION and STRONG NERVES.
Don’t worry if you lack resources for fulfilment of the idea. FAIDA will provide YOU with the best possible resources for the betterment of YOUR society.

This is all I how I could sum up my whole journey with FAIDA.

PS: That was the first time that I got to know what FAIDA really is! I couldn’t absorb better what the NGO is about without being a part of it.

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