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CarChabi Pakistan first hybrid device startup

A introduction about carchabi
Carchabi is an IOT ( internet of thing’s )startup which objectives to revolutionize automobiles in Pakistan by means of supplying a digital key of the automobile the use of phone generation. Carchabi’s smart tool connects to your automobile’s wiring harness and presents a number of controls for car users through their smartphone, for instance, users can lock/unencumber, turn on and off, begin/prevent, relaxed, and turn the ac and heater on/off.

The team is being led by way of young entrepreneurs, Muhammad Ali Rashid as CEO and Hammed Siddiqui as COOof carchabi. They came up with the idea of carchabi whilst running as engineering graduates in Lahore. Carchabi started its operations in january, 2016. Within a yr, they sold a thousand devices of the carchabi tool and generated a sales of $30k, all the whilst acquiring clients across Pakistan. No longer simplest this, however they have been additionally runner-america the throw-a-thon at lums and have been selected as one of the top 12 startups at tie Lahore.

Carchabi tool gets set up for your vehicle and your can lock, start/stop, turn ac on and relaxed your car with the application to your cellphone
Test our tool, we have labored difficult on it.

  1. Car too warm in summer time?
    Turn on ac of your car thru telephone and permit it cool before getting into the auto.
  2. Lost your keys?
    No want to fear, carchabi locations your key to your cellphone.
  3. Wearing keys a hassle?
    You don’t need to carry keys any extra. Your automobile secret is now on your cellphone.
  4. Want key much less entry?
    Nicely carchabi is designed to make your automobile key much less.

A few stuff you need to recognize about carchabi

  • Doors
    With carchabi app you can easily lock/liberate your car without the trouble of keys. The best part is you may nevertheless access your car even in case your keys are misplaced or within the car.
  • Acc
    Acc is the magic button that permit’s you manipulate considered one of your automobile’s add-ons. It can be your vehicles radio, tune machine, horn, a/c, heater, power home windows, tools lock, trunk.. You take a pick!
  • Engine
    Start/prevent your car from your smartphone.  Carchabi permits you to start your vehicle before even entering your vehicle and store your treasured time.
    Key less access
    Nicely Carchabi is designed to make your car key less. Your car keys are not a need anymore as we have designed carchabi for that.
  • Convenience
    We are putting off an additional factor from your pocket and making your lifestyles simpler.
  • Safety
    If you permit the security of your vehicle thru carchabi app hooked up to your cellphone, the auto could no longer begin from its key and no unauthorized person could be capable of take it.
  • Range
    Our engineers have managed to take the variety of Bluetooth connectivity to three hundred feet.
  • Time cost
    You simplest have to pay as soon as for the setup, which incorporates a smartphone app and a device that receives installed to your automobile. There aren’t any hidden or annual costs. One time installation prices may apply.
  • Assurance
    with our long lasting hardware that our successful eEngineers have designed, we offer twelve months prolonged guarantee for carchabi’s tool and loose updates for the telephone app.

Clean to install. Easy. Convenient. Works like a appeal!

One kit that comes with many wonders. Free up your automobile, lock the gearbox, start the engine, switch the a/c, turn the heater, roll the home windows, pop the trunk.. It’s your choice absolutely. The app works on nearly all android telephones.

Installation as soon as, use for all time. It’s far the clever choice that’ll make your vehicle clever.

  • Install the tool
    The carchabi kit comes with a detailed guidance manual. Any first rate automobile electrician may be capable of effortlessly install the device for you. Get in touch with us if you have not ordered your tool but.
  • Get the app
    Carchabi app is available at no cost on google play keep. Deploy it to your android smart telephone. (ios app is coming quickly. Subscribe to the e-newsletter to get notified of new updates.)
  • Enjoy!
    Once you’ve got the tool paired and the app established, controlling your car it is as simple as a tap on your telephone. Enjoy!

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